Elysium Proteus – The epitome of innovation

VCurvE™ is a front surface innovation that provides optimised base curves through all viewing zones across the lens, our Dual DynamiX™ technology  combines this unique front surface with precision digital surfacing on the back of the lens.

Dual DynamiX™ results in both surfaces working together in harmony to produce the optimised design for your patient, creating the ultimate visual experience.

The analysis of light ray paths passing through the lens in conjunction with an innovative mathematical model that intelligently minimises oblique abberations by considering the wearer’s own accomadative power further enhances the wearer experience.

The application of steady plus methodology achieves a perfectly symmetrical and smooth power distribution, delivering optimum image stability minimising swim effect.

All of this culminates an a lens design that provides your patients with impeccable visual quality.


Key Features

Comprehensive Addition Range (+0.75 to +4.50)

Lifestyle options for increased wearer satisfaction.

Smoother transition through all viewing distances.

Superior visual acuity.

Improved aesthetics in many prescriptions.

Precise and comfortable focus for all working distances in any direction of gaze.

Higher image stability for reduced swim effect.

Superior visual quality for viewing digital devices.

Tailored corridor lengths for improved comfort

Near elimination of peripheral blur.

Optional full personalisation

Our recommended alternative to:

Varilux XR

Hoya iD MySelf

Zeiss Individual 2

Seiko Brilliance

Shamir Autograph Intelligence

Big Brands Vs Independent Brands

With the advent of full back surface ‘free-form’ progressives, times have changed. The same semi-finished blank can now be used for a variety of different brand name lenses. They are also processed on the same machinery. SO, the only thing that really differentiates lenses now is the ‘maths’ involved in creating the design that goes on the back – how much better is the maths of a name brand lens going to be when you compare to all the other options on the market? There really is only so much you can do on the backside of a lens, since every manufacturer is bound by the same laws of physics.

Waterside ProteusNear

Proteus NV

Experienced or first time wearers who require a larger near zone for their digital lifetstyle or hobby.

Waterside ProteusIntermediate

Proteus Inter

First time wearers, those who may have experienced adaptation issues in the past or simply want a larger intermediate area.

Waterside ProteusDistance

Proteus DV

Experienced or first time wearers who have an active lifestyle requiring a wider distance field of view.

Waterside ProteusBalance

Proteus Balanced

Experienced or first time wearers who simply want the best vision possible across all viewing areas.

Glazed Packages Options Available

Our exclusive glazed packages are designed to bring you increased margin in conjunction with improved efficiency to your practice and patients.

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