When it comes to Photochromics the choice is Clear…

Sunactive® offer great value, without compromising on lens choice, quality or performance.

Sunactive® is available in a comprehensive range of indexes and lens designs including single vision (Stock & Surfaced), bifocals and our Infinity™ / Elysium® progressive families.

SunActive is priced to help you compete without compromising on quality, we can also supply as a stock lens in both HC & HMC up to 4.00cyl!

Key Features

Great value alternative to the major brands

Grey & Brown colour options

Indexes 1.5, 1.56, 1.59, 1.6, 1.67 & 1.74

Single vision stock with HC & HMC up to 4.00cyl

Surfaced single vision


Infinity & Elysium progressive families