VFX® is the first-choice option for enhanced visual comfort. Parallel Light rays closest to the centre of the lens form the clearest image, but marginal rays at the extremities of the lens, together with lateral light sources and light disturbances can provide ghost images and blur which may result in eye fatigue and vision which is not optimised.

Utilising honeycomb ‘mesh’ technology our VFX® lens treatment reduces the effects of light pollution and scattered light rays to provide ‘cleaner’ and crisper images, resulting in enhanced vision, reduced glare and improved visual comfort.

Key Features

Reduces the effect of scattered light rays

Enhanced glare reduction

Provides sharper vision, particularly at night

Available in possibly the widest range of indexes & materials

Tinted and Photochromic options

Comprehensive range of lens designs, including our Infinity & Elysium progressive families, single vision and even bifocals

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