Revolutionising Myopia Management for Children

Designed with cutting-edge technology and backed by extensive research, My-O-Sense Myopia Management Solution offers an exciting new approach to treating the “silent pandemic” of childhood myopia.

This lens is not only extremely effective in slowing down the rate of increase in myopia; it also combats ocular elongation thanks to its unique Myo Free-form Technology, which adapts to the nasal and temporal asymmetry of the retina.

In clinical trials carried out with European children, wearers of this new lens had an astonishing 39% lower increase in axial length after 12 months, compared to wearers of a single vision lens.

Manufactured with free-form technology, My-O-Sense Myopia Management Solution is aesthetically pleasing, with no visible traces of the treatment showing on the lens surface.

Key Features

Latest design innovation.

Elliptical visual zone in vertical axis for enhanced comfort and freedom of eye movement.

7mm viewing zone for greater efficiency.

Calibrated peripheral defocus making lens more comfortable to wear.

Reduction of ocular elongation.

Perfect vision in the clear area of the lens.

No visible marks or lines on the lens surface for superior aesthetics.

Only available in materials with ABBE Value of 40 or above for best optical performance.

Available in Transitions & Polarized

Anatomy of My O Ssens Lens

Our recommended alternative to:

  • Hoya MiOSMART
  • Essilor Stellest
  • Zeiss MyoCare
  • optiMYOPE
  • imperium

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