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What are Infinity Lenses?

The Infinity lens series delivers a comprehensive range of lens designs to suit every budget and Lifestyle including progressives and Enhanced Single Vision (ESV) Anti-Fatigue.

Today’s presbyopes and digital device users are far more active and visually demanding than ever before and Infinity provides a solution for even the most exacting requirements.

Using the latest Digital free-form and light ray path technology enables the manufacture of lenses with tremendous accuracy and outstanding performance for the wearer.

The Infinity series offers advanced design options in a comprehensive range of materials.

All Infinity lenses are available with our exclusive PureView Ultra Clear Anti-Reflective Coating and VFX Honeycomb Mesh Technology.

Key Features

Comprehensive Addition Range (+0.75 to +4.50)

Digital Free form surfacing to the highest quality.

Wider visual fields in near, intermediate and distance than many budget offerings.

Lifestyle options to enhance wearer satisfaction.

Multiple Minimum Fitting Height options available.

Light ray path control technology.

Non Compensated designs.

Progressive Designs

Infinity Plus 2+

Infinity 2HD

  • Affordable Digital Benefits
  • Wider field of clear vision
  • Suitable for shallow frames


Infinity Dimension

Infinity HDR

  • High Definition Vision
  • Wider field of clear vision
  • Fast adaptation
  • Suitable for shallow frames
Inrinity Evolution Ulrta

Infinty Ultra HDR

  • Customised to wearer
  • Bespoke design to frame
  • High Definition Vision
  • Wider field of clear vision
  • Fast adaptation
  • Suitable for shallow frames

Our recommended alternative to:

  • Varilux Liberty 3.0
  • Hoya Amplitude Plus
  • Zeiss Precision Pure
  • Seiko VSX
  • Shamir Spectrum Plus

Our recommended alternative to:

  • Varilux Comfort Max
  • Hoya Balansis
  • Zeiss Precision Plus
  • Seiko Synergy
  • Shamir Autograph Urban

Our recommended alternative to:

  • Varilux Physio 3.0
  • Hoya iD LifeStyle 4
  • Zeiss Precision Superb
  • Seiko Emblem
  • Shamir Autograph In Touch

Lifestyle Designs

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  • Affordable workplace / indoor lens
  • Specified degressive power
  • Degressions -0.75 to -2.75

Our recommended alternative to:

  • Hoya WorkSmart
  • Seiko Indoor PC
  • Sola Access
  • Shamir Office


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  • Enhanced Single Vision
  • Optimised for digital lifestyle
  • Every day use with ‘Boost Zone’

Our recommended alternative to:

  • Eyezen Boost
  • Hoya Sync lll
  • Seiko I Xceed
  • Zeiss SmartLife

Big Brands Vs Independent Brands

With the advent of full back surface ‘free-form’ progressives, times have changed. The same semi-finished blank can now be used for a variety of different brand name lenses. They are also processed on the same machinery. SO, the only thing that really differentiates lenses now is the ‘maths’ involved in creating the design that goes on the back – how much better is the maths of a name brand lens going to be when you compare to all the other options on the market? There really is only so much you can do on the backside of a lens, since every manufacturer is bound by the same laws of physics.