Frame Selection

To aide successful dispensing of My-O-Sense, care should be taken to select the right frame ensuring the lens can be centred correctly with at least 5mm above the pupil centre, and 12mm below. Fitting cross at pupil centre.To maximise performance and therefore the chance of success in slowing down the progression of myopia, we advise a minimum boxed size of 37mm x 17mm.

This will help to ensure the defocus zones are correctly placed.

Once the frame has been adjusted and you are happy with the fit, monocular PD & Height measurements should be taken and supplied with the order.

Collection Guidelines

Both child and parent / guardian should be made aware of the deliberate defocus in the periphery and the need to look through the centre of the lens. This advice may help to speed up the adaptation process.

Advise parent / guardian to monitor the frame fit and return for adjustments at the earliest opportunity should the frame become misaligned or start slipping forward. Constant wear of My-O-Sense is required but not during ‘aggressive’ sports.

Waterside IOT Simulaciones Miopia

Frequently Asked Questions

Can My-O-Sense cure myopia?

No, My-O-Sense has been shown in trials to effectively slow the progression of myopia and the lengthening of the eye to reduce the risk of retinal detachment, cataract, glaucoma and myopic maculopathy.

Is the blur noticeable?

Yes, as with other myopia management lenses offered by other manufacturers, the periphery of the lens intentionally induces blur.

What materials and indexes are available?

Whilst we can manufacture My-O-Sense in any index, in our opinion this innovative design for young eyes should offer the best optics possible. For this reason we have elected to only offer My-O-Sense in indexes with ABBE Value of 40 or above. All indexes are available in clear, photochromic and polarised.

What coatings are available?

We recommend MAR coatings on My-O-Sense but it is available in Hard Coat only if preferred, Back Surface HMC (with Polarised & tinted only), CLEARVIEW SHMC and our exclusive VFX Honeycomb ‘Mesh’ will be available very soon. We do not offer a blue filter as many experts believe that exposure to natural blue light is beneficial during the eye’s early development.

Is My-O-Sense a personalised lens?

No, it does not take into account personalisation parameters but is manufactured using freeform surfacing.