Waterside Launches New Smart Website

Waterside Launches New Smart Website

Waterside provides an 'eWindow' into the eyewear tech world

 Thu 09 Jul 2015 by April Whitehead

Waterside Labs has launched a new website designed and dedicated to reflect the values and resources of this evolving company. The clean simple digital layout of the site positions Waterside as The smart lab choice for the modern independent. www.waterside-labs.co.uk

Bob Forgan, Managing Director at Southampton based Waterside Labs says: Over the last 18 months our product range has expanded to encompass cutting edge design and technology. It became increasingly clear that our website needed to be re-designed in keeping with this evolution. Our main aim has always been to offer our customers the ability to stand out on the high street, essentially, to give them a point of difference from the chains. Now with the rapid global expansion of wearable tech, specifically the smart glass sector, we are in a position to communicate valuable market knowledge and introduce pioneering new products.

Chris Smith, Managing and Technical Director explains further: When devising the site we were focused on ensuring it provided a snapshot of our product ranges to give our customers and potential customers an introduction to what we do - a brief pre-cursor to actually contacting us and speaking to us. Waterside delivers a personal informed service and this will remain at the heart of all our new initiatives.

As well as communicating key facts on product and service areas including: Remote Edging, Digital Surfacing, Glazed Packages, Personal Service and Smart glass specialist the site provides an eWindow into the eyewear tech world. Watersides Blogosphere will provide a valuable and interesting information resource on all things optical especially the latest developments in the smart eyewear sector, across Enterprise and Consumer.
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