New ELYSIUM Visual Lifestyle Analysis App

 Tue 12 May 2015 by drummer-alert

ELYSIUM progressives take individualised lens design to a whole new level thanks to Digital Ray-Path Technology. When dispensed in conjunction with their all-new innovative iPad app, which can be used by either consumer or optical professional as part of the lens selection process, progressive wearers can have lenses designed to match their individual needs and lifestyle.

This clever new interactive on screen consultation app generates confidence and transforms the buying experience for progressive wearers. "Essentially it identifies the best lens for the individual through a series of steps, engineered to evaluate the wearers expectations, needs, previous experience and reading habits" says Bob. Successful dispensing of modern individualised progressives requires specific and accurate measurements including; individual PDs, fitting heights, wrap angle, BVD and panto angle. OptikamPad from Waterside is the ultra-portable measuring system and dispensing aid, which incorporates the iPad Air. One photograph providing 10 measurements coupled with interactive sales / dispensing aid functions, OptikamPad enhances the dispensing experience for the eyecare professional and patient alike.

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