Specialist capabilities extended with Shape Finder

 Wed 30 Sep 2015 by Admin

Waterside Labs is extending its specialist glazing capabilities with the installation of a new Shape Finder 2.0 scanner. The company has recently taken delivery of this cutting edge system at its Headquarters in Southampton and Waterside's customers have already begun to put it to the test with orders for specialist and complex lens requirements.

Bob Forgan, Managing Director Waterside Labs says: "The acquisition of the Shape Finder 2.0 is a logical move for Waterside. We specialise in offering the different and unusual in order to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and give our independent optician customers a point of difference. With this new piece of lab equipment we can not only expand our bespoke lens service but we can also provide our customers with an even more efficient fulfillment process - which, they in turn can pass on to their customers."
The Shape Finder 2.0 scanner is an addition to Waterside's new EzFit edger, which was recently launched by Italian equipment manufacturer MEI. It has been designed to increase functionality and allows the EzFit to prepare the edging process for sport and special-requirement lenses. Shape finder is a scanning system based on a specific optical system designed to avoid all typical distortion given by any standard camera system. The camera lens set and the lighting system have been designed to emphasize the edge profile, to eliminate the perspective effects and field distortion. Detection of the lens edge, and any holes or notches, is automatically found on any lens type (clear, mirrored, polarized, etc.). The Tecnocam software includes a new function, which allows the capture of the camera image and the extraction of the different shapes starting from the outer main shape and the conversion to a TRX file.
Bob explains: "Attention to detail and a personalised speedy efficient service are priorities for us and Shape Finder 2.0 delivers on all fronts. It shortens the time needed to import the unusual lens shape significantly and accuracy is vastly improved. In addition to this the camera system gets a TRX or OMA file with a few very simple steps, reducing the need for edging tests and size and shape adjustments."

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