The evolution of eyewear over the next decade

 Wed 30 Sep 2015 by Admin

By Bob Forgan, Managing Director of Waterside Laboratories
The future of eyewear will be led by technology. Smart eyewear is where the new opportunities for growth and increased volume of sales will be found.
Eyeglass World, a leading retailer of affordable prescription eyewear in the U.S. has recently led the way with the launch of a retail collection of prescription lenses and devices for smart glass technologies with specially designed prescription lens options for wearable brands including Google Glass, Recon Jet, Vuzix and Epson. It is just a matter of time before other opticians across the globe follow suit and will no doubt create opportunities for the creation of specialists within the UK independent sectorThis opening highlights the exciting opportunities ahead and signals the fact that the future may already have arrived! Opticians will have big decisions to make as to whether they lead or follow as the Smart Glass sector develops. Making prescription lens solutions readily available at retail for smart glass wearers helps overcome a critical hurdle in the future of eyewear. Essentially smart glass sales, for leisure and business uses, will be a major growth driver for the eyewear category in future years.

Whilst the principle domain for Smart Eyewear is currently in the Enterprise sector we are seeing an evolution across the sector, which handled in the right way has the potential to change the face of the business in the UK. We have an opportunity to innovate and offer those needing vision correction more choice than ever before. From my perspective I?m delighted to see this surge in interest and demand plus a willingness to seek out the new and unusual and to experiment with adventurous fashion styles, advanced lens designs and of course technology.

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