Safety Shield and RX Insert for Google Glass

Safety Shield and RX Insert for Google Glass

Safety Shield and RX Insert for Google Glass

 Thu 20 Aug 2015 by Admin

After launching the first and only ANSI Z87+ safety shield for Google Glass in April 2015, Rochester Optical has developed its prescription-ready counterpart and Rx insert available for pre-order immediately. The Rx-ready shield features easy-mount tabs and offers an optical solution for the two thirds of people who require some sort of vision correction. The launch further establishes Rochester Optical as the industry leader in prescription and safety solutions for smart glasses.

Patrick Ho, CEO of Rochester Optical comments: ?The vast majority of industries that can benefit from smart glasses require safety compliance. We fully understand both the power of smart glasses in the workplace and the paramount importance of worker safety, so we?ve made growing our portfolio of smart safety products a priority.?

Google Glass is not safety rated on its own, which makes it impossible for a company to implement at scale in many manufacturing, field service, and other OSHA regulated environments. Rochester?s Rx-ready safety shield provides the protection employees using Google Glass need without excluding those who require prescription glasses.

?The easy-mount tabs are designed with multi-user capability in mind, since we also understand companies may implement smart glasses without giving each employee their own personal device,? Patrick Ho adds. ?The insert slides easily in and out, making it possible for one device and shield to be shared by multiple employees with different vision requirements.?

The prescription lenses available for Google Glass are also highly specialized. Smart GOLD? Lenses (also available for Epson Moverio BT-200, Vuzix? M100 and Recon Jet?) minimize eyestrain and eye fatigue, allowing smart glasses to be comfortably worn for extended periods of time. By creating an additional, optimized optical center where the HUD is viewed and compensating to balance binocular vision, Smart GOLD eliminates prismatic effect and off axis aberrations, providing continuous, comfortable visual acuity.

The Rx-ready safety shield and Rx insert for Google Glass are available for preorder immediately. Rochester Optical is represented by Waterside Laboratories for UK / Europe and this product along with all Rochester Optical?s Smart Eyewear products can be accessed in the UK/Europe via Waterside Laboratories.

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