Steps we are taking to ensure continuity of supply

 Wed 18 Mar 2020 by Admin

COVID-19 and how it's affecting our business.

In common with every single one of you we are naturally being affected by the current situation.The well-being of our staff together with our ability to deliver continuity of supply are our most important considerations. We are confident that our business and our ability to supply can continue with minimal disruption providing our employees stay healthy and they are allowed to travel to work.

Where possible we do have staff members working from home but in a manufacturing environment, we are reliant on people being 'on-site'.

As we are already seeing a decline in orders, we are monitoring things daily and implementing plans to prepare for numbers declining further. Taking in to account the impact of reduced order volumes and the risk of employees infecting one another we have today advised staff that we are introducing a two-team system with teams working alternate weeks.

This unprecedented step will have three benefits -

  • It will reduce the risk of cross infection between our employees
  • Assist in ensuring the long-term viability of our business
  • Give the best chance of ensuring continuity of service to you, our valued customers

As a full-service lab which also has a lens importing and wholesaling business, we are virtually self-sufficient and not reliant on supplies from third parties, but we are already seeing a few supply issues with certain branded lens types that we have to buy-in. Wherever necessary we will advise you of any delays and offer own-brand alternatives.

We are in uncharted territory at present and whilst supply chain issues may result in slightly longer lead times, rest assured that we will be doing everything possible to support you in these difficult times.

Our management team is continually monitoring the situation through news channels, business groups, government announcements etc and we are observing all the advice and guidance given to us by the Government and National Health Service advisers.

We will of course update you if there should be any significant change but, in the meantime, please stay safe and healthy.

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