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 Sat 02 Feb 2019 by Admin

When our joint MD Bob Forgan entered Optics way, way back in 1974 it was still very much a Profession and not a Business.

All lenses were made of glass and he used a glass cutter and a diamond wheel to shape and bevel lenses by hand, not an automatic or robotic edger.

He even used a Bunsen burner for some frame adjustments.

Back then though even NHS frames came in a multitude of eye sizes, bridge sizes and side lengths.

Although frames came with lots of eye sizes and bridge options he'd still often 'bump' the bridge or actually make sides to the correct length to ensure a perfect fit.

Dispensing meant a lot more than just self-selection from a range of frames that only come in single eye sizes and with standard side lengths.

The eye examination experience may have become more sophisticated but is it any wonder that the only thing patients really remember and tell their friends after a visit to the opticians is how much their new glasses cost them and how expensive they were?

It's no wonder they think ?why don't I just buy them online next time and save ???s??

The world?s changed a lot in recent years but frame dispensing has barely changed at all.

Wouldn't it be great if patients left a practice feeling they'd actually helped design and create their new eyewear?

And then go tell their friends about this amazing new experience they?ve had and tell them they should all go do the same?

Like most things in life it's not just about cost, it's about value, and whether we think what we pay for something is justified...


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